Friday, July 29, 2011

Wonderful Palawan

I am currently in Palawan with my family for our annual vacation.  Mom and my brothers and Miming, my brother's GF came to Manila yesterday for our great Palawan adventure.  Since there are no direct flights from Bacolod to Puerto Princesa, I booked them tickets to Manila and then to Puerto Princesa for this great escape.  My family could actually cross to Iloilo and from there get on a Superferry or Montenegro vessel to Princesa which would take about 18 hours.  Good thing I got promo airline tickets Bacolod-Manila and Manila-Puerto Princesa and back giving us the convenience and savings.

Amidst the rains pouring over the busy Manila streets due to typhoon Juaning, Puerto Princesa is cloudy and eager to receive tourists to share its nature's gifts.  I was actually relieve to see a little bit of sun when we reached the airport of Palawan.

We have no itinerary for today since my brother and his gf will be coming to Puerto Princesa later in the afternoon.  We don't want to start without them, so it was just settling down and shopping which I would share in my next post.  But for now, I leave you with my excitement.

Puerto Princesa, here we come!

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