Sunday, June 12, 2011

Walking Home: Another UP chronicle

It has been awhile since I walked around the Acad Oval. Walk... not jog nor run. Just walk and looking around as if i have returned home. And I miss it. It's not as if I parted with the university. In fact, I am a student again for more than 2 years now and I work just at the back of the campus. But it felt like homecoming to me as Karla and I walked for 4 hours at the campus. The campus has been my solace... and somehow, I forgot how in one way or another gave me so much comfort and pride.


These are the interesting stuff we found.

1.  The Sunken Garden is a haven for football fanatics.  But still a popular cheap dating spot.
sunken garden

2.  Luntian at Pula.  Green and Red ribbons in one of the trees.  This is I think in celebration of the UP Centennial.
luntian at pula

3.  Engineering Centennial Sundial
centennial dial

 4.  The Carillon is now renovated and through the donations of Senator Gordon, there is a park just below it.

5.  Newly painted statue near the old and dilapidated Beta Epsilon Theatorium just in time for the Independence Day Celebration

6.  Around the Academic Oval is a one way route.
one way

7. Walking around the campus, the fact remains the same, this is still my most favorite part: The part of the acad oval in front of Melchor Hall (Eng'g) and Malcolm Hall (Law).
acad oval
Trees at each side are longing for the trees across them, their branches reaching for the other.

University of the Philippines
Diliman, Quezon City

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