Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Catch-up Lunch at MoMo Cafe

Tom and I met up with Sheena for lunch today.  The three of us used to work with Frank at Manila Water. It has been half a year since the old man Frank left the company, so we decided to have lunch to catch up on what has happened.  Having no planned venue, Tom and I roamed around Eastwood mall while waiting for Sheena.

After checking out 3 restaurants, we decided to eat at Momo Cafe for the reason that it is full.  And you know how a jampacked restaurant reflects, it means good food and hopefully reasonable price. Momo Cafe surely lived up to its name: more food, more drink.

We were MoMo-fied!

We ordered Momo's house specialties that are big for sharing.  We had Sweet and Smoky "Barbeque" Rib-lets but instead of rice, we had mashed potatoes.  Then we added Creamy Crabby Seafood Casserole with rice which I so loved because it is loaded with seafoods.
Sweet and Smoky "Barbeque" Rib-lets (Php 450)

Creamy Crabby Seafood Casserole and Rice (Php 395)

For drinks, I got their Frozen Iced Tea in dalandan flavor, Sheen got their signature smoothie and frappes while Tom got Coke light.  I was so amazed with my drink because it was served in a very tall glass!
iced teashakes
Frozen Iced Tea (Php 110) and Mango Smoothie (Php 120)

Momo Cafe
G/F Eastwood Mall,
Eastwood, Libis,
Quezon City
+632 900 1006 - 07
Opens from 11:00AM to 11:00 PM

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