Monday, June 20, 2011

Shabu Way Hot Pot Cuisine

I have always believe that water is good for one's body.  That is why, shabu shabu has been a craze over the metro.  So when I found a voucher in Groupon Beeconomic on Shabu Shabu at Cebu, I didn't think twice to ge the deal.  We got half the price for a Mixed Meat Set (Php 399) at Shabu Way Hot Pot Cuisine.

Mixed Meat Set, originally priced at P399 we only got it for P199!!

So we got a bowl of soup, which we loaded with fresh vegetables, thinly cut variety of meat: beef, chicken and pork.  Other swimmers are crab sticks, lobster balls, singaporean fish balls, gindara tofue, fried fish balls, and meat balls, served along spices and herbs.

It was such a healthy feast.  Good thing, I got a deal.

Shabu  Way Hot Pot Cuisine
Mandaue, Cebu
+63 32 505 2598

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