Saturday, June 4, 2011

Live Well. Love Much. Laugh Often

After dinner with Kat, I met up with my cousin, Nang Bambi who is here in Manila to bring her niece to Olangapo because vacation is over and school is about to start. She waited for me so that we could have dinner together so I could just not say no to eating again despite being full with our Wingstop dinner.
I love their wall.

We ate at the Italliani's at SM Mall of Asia.  I took something light,  dory with spaghetti noodles and some vegetables with Watermelon Shake while Nang Bambi had Roasted Chicken and Rice and Dalandan and Calamansi Shake.  As usual, we talked non-stop and laughed our hardest.  It has been awhile since we got to sit down and talk about what has happened to us and what are we up to in the next few months or years.   Though we have different set of parents, that's how we are really, we are sisters.
roasted chix
Roasted Chicken
After that, we attempted to have mojitos at TGIF.  Although we have promised mom that I wouldn't take alcohol, we tought of going to TGIF for a little bit of fun.  I was hoping for a mocktail just to ease my craving for drinks.  But it was closed at 10:30ish. So we decided to go to her hotel and  that's how we kept my promise to mom that we wouldn't drink. =P

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