Monday, June 20, 2011

Last Day at Cebu: Lone Traveller

I just realized, I hate travelling alone.

I'm currently here at Cebu.  One of those impulsive trips I booked.  After knowing that today's a holiday, I immediately looked for another Manila escape.  And wham, Cebu it was!

Today's the last day, and I can't help but think that I'm excited to go back to Manila.  With nobody with me, and I'm in a place I don't even know about, you will appreciate the thought of going to a place that is familiar.  I have no problem with asking people around of directions as I am used to do that in the places I go to... But the problem with Cebu is that I don't speak the language and speaking Tagalog is somewhat unforgivable.  So I am left to speak English and a few Hiligaynon words that is similar to Cebuano.  I actually understand Cebuano a little bit but I could not put Cebuano words into sentences!!! And everytime I attempted to speak, I feel a bit embarrassed that they would figure out I'm "foreign" or a trying hard Cebuano.  They may probably laughing in their heads because I sound funny.

But I had fun at Cebu.  And it is still one of the places I will always remember. =)

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