Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fully Body Pampering and Dinner at Wingstop

Kat and I met up to treat ourselves with a spa massage.  We previously got vouchers from group buying sites and with just a small price we could treat ourselves with luxuries we usually don't give a second look or thought just because it is seemingly expensive. 

So for today's deal, we had a 1 and a half hour full body scrub and massage at Nuat Thai.  The experience was originally priced at Php 750 and we got it for half the price! The body scrub is quite an intimate experience as most of your body will be smothered by the exfoliating scrub.  Of course, the masseuse asked for permission before doing so, so you could opt to back out if you are uncomfortable with it.  After that, they will lead you to the shower to take all the scrub off.  Afterwich, is a good body massage (with lotion) which I badly needed that day as I have tensions that I need to relieve.  Everything was heavenly and superb.  The masseuse really took the time to knead my back muscles so it was exquisite

PhotobucketAfter a full body scrub and massage at Nuat Thai, we proceeded to Wingstop for dinner.  Again, blame it on the deals (",). I got another half price deal (Php 145) for a bucket of Buffalo wings at Wingstop.  I intentionally looked for deals on food just because I know we would be eating dinner after and it was a good thing that the place is near Greenhills.  We only added for rice and drinks.

Wingstop is a small diner which caters to buffalo wings eaters.  If you are not conscious of your diet this is the place to be.  They serve buffalo wings in groups of 4, 8, 10 and 12 and in different sauces and flavors.  Also they have a yogurt maker at the side for kids and kids at heart.  The place only houses about 6-8 tables that most of the customers order their wings for a take out.

Hands down, their wings are magnificent.  We love it. Sadly their rice was so gummy it was a pain to chew!  See my friend's reaction down there?  That's what she thought of the rice.  We requested a much softer rice for our second serving.

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