Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tokyo Café: The Untraditional Japanese Restaurant

Tokyo Café is Japanese resto in a twist.  They actually serve Western cuisine with a Japanese touch
After watching Thor 3D, we decided to take on some dinner at Tokyo Café.   Once we stepped inside the café, the staff greeted you in Japanese.


Kat and I got chicken and we ordered rice to pair it with.  She got Chicken Ala Pobre while I got Tokyo Boneless Chicken.  

Chicken ala pobre is a boneless quarter chicken wich garlic, lemon and pepper.

The Tokyo Boneless Chicken is a herbed chicken smothered in a special gravy.  

I love the taste of the gravy because it is very rich and the herbs gives it a very nice smell.  Kat thinks her chicken needs more salt and less oil.

Tokyo Café somehow satisfies our palate but I think the food is expensive.

Tokyo Cafe
SM North EDSA - The Block
Quezon City

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