Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sharyn’s Cansi House

I arrived from a very early flight and immediately met up with my bestfriend who celebrated his birthday yesterday. I didn’t give him a word that I am home for the weekend so it was a big surprise for him.  So where to go at Bacolod at such hour?  What would you do in early morning at Bacolod City? 

While most of Bacolod’s hidden secrets are still in slumber, one old timer and considerably Bacolod’s best is up and open to serve cansi or sour beef broth to locals and tourists. So we trudged our way to Shopping area, along Narra St. for cansi from Sharyn’s Cansi House.

Not many are up so we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. 

Our order arrived.  We decided to share one bowl of cansi as it is big enough for two people.  Our order includes a chunk of beef bone with loads of bone marrow.  We added a cup of rice each.  On top of that we were served with extra soup in mugs.

Sharyn’s Cansi Bowl at 230Php

Cansi got its sour taste from an endemic fruit, the Batuan which is green and superb in sourness.   What I love cansi because of the soft meat and tendons of the beef that it practically falls off the bone.  This is because at Sharyn’s, they cook the beef for six long hours until one could just easily separate the meat using your fork.  It is like eating a grade A beef just like Kobe beef which as they say, so soft.  Bestie loves it because of the rich and soft marrow inside the bone. 

I find our breakfast such a simple feast but it truly answered to my cravings of good authentic Bacolod food.  Get your bowl of Cansi at Sharyn’s and you’ll surely be treated the Ilonggo way!

Sharyn's Cansi House
Shopping Area
Bacolod City

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