Friday, January 14, 2011

Lock Up Chaos

Once again and for the nth time, I got locked up in my own house... I left the spare key in the house while misplaced the keys I am using.  Yeah, talk about being burara and tanga.  But unlike many circumstances that I got lock up, I usually just go at the back of the house and open the back door through a window.  And that's it, I'm inside.  But antoher stupidity that I did was locking the bolt at the back door as well confident that I have a spare key stached in one of the mess near the front door.

So exasperated and defeated, I called on help on the neighbors and good thing I live in a neighborhood with friendly residents.  So they got out all the tools and had the door knob knocked out. And am back to my cozy home...but I hurriedly went to Ever Gotesco and buy another knob as replacement.

Poor me!  I shouldn't have wasted my money on such things if I just always remember to bring my keys.  :P

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