Thursday, January 6, 2011

Frank Came Back

Frank came in the office today.  He needs to sort out his accounts, stocks and whatnot.  It was good to see a cheery face in the middle of stressed working people.

But because he emptied out his office before the year ends (as his official day of retirement), he squatted at Tom's office to do his paperworks.  And even if he is no longer my boss, I am as eager as before to help and assist the old man.

Afterwhich, we (with Bea) loaded the CRV and went to Capitol Ville to meet Luke and Shang. And Frank treated us out for pizza and pasta.  Food was loads, we didn't even finished everything. And after a lot of stories of how our Christmas Celebrations went, we pack up and went back to the office and Frank went home.

That was it.  Frank came back. But not for good.  But I know, that's not the last we got to see of Frank. With his experience in the water and wastewater industry spanning for about 46 years, he will be just taking a short rest and he will be back in the game again... maybe as a consultant or a water company owner... no one knows. :)

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