Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Guintubdan Falls in La Carlota City

Today, as my birthday treat, I met up with Ron to go to Guintubdan at his hometown in La Carlota. I didn't really plan on anything for today. All I wanted was to spend time with family and with Ron. I have planned to go to Mambukal and just laze around but my family is busy with business that I could not drag them to the resort. So it was Ron who persuaded me to go to La Carlota instead.

Loaded his motorbike, we drove about 30 minutes from his house to have a nature trip and have relaxing dip in the cold waters from the falls of Guintubdan which is located in the mountain area of the city of La Carlota.

Sad about the place though is that it was not maintained very well by the government. Picnic tables are dilapidated and the rooms are not available for rent because it was not cleaned, no beds available and it is used as a storage area.
guintubdan falls
The falls in the middle of the mountains is the majestic scenery that would capture you. It would take about 10 minutes to hike down towards the falls but it was worth all the wait. A scenic view of the mountains will make you rest for a photo.Cold waters enveloped my being when i took the dip. When we were there, the place was empty. All the more that I got excited because I could strut my bikini without having the whole town scandalized and the people talking and staring at me. I just don't want to be stared at. The place is not Boracay that people are used to people in Bikinis. It was awesome! After about 20 minutes, we were joined by a group of teeners so Ron and I decided to leave...
We drove back to the city proper of La Carlota and then took our lunch at a Chicken place where we had loads of food with a bill so small. Waaaaahhh!!! I love the life at the province. Cheap but tasty food....the life!

Just before exiting La Carlota, we dropped by these old trains for photos.
central la carlota trains

guintubdan sign
Guintubdan Falls
La Carlota City

Entrance: 20Php

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