Thursday, December 23, 2010

Apple and her Babies

This is our very dear Apple, the husky, joined by her 6 little pups. It was so cool see her breastfeed and taking care of her babies. And even if there was a new face (me of course), she didn't show signs of defense... such a babe!
Apple and the bebes
Husky Trivia
Huskies originated from the Northern part of the world and they are used as sled dogs. Right they thrive in the cold. The name 'husky' is a corruption of the derogative term "Eskie", referring to Eskimos who came to Europe by land migration. Also known for having different colored eyes or heterochromia, huskies are commonly have brown or light blue eyes.

Apple Facts
Our Apple is blue eyed as per my brother.  And she is Philippine born so she is used to temperate climate.  She is initially my cousin's one of many dogs, and now she becomes one of Mel's well loved pets.  And 6 more mammals are in her cage as of the moment as she nurse all of them to be good pets for others (yep 5 of them will be released.. ).

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