Monday, October 11, 2010

10 10 10

The repetitive numbers for a date has once again happened.  And events have overflown left and right.

Today's date is believed to be lucky for businessmen.  A lot has booked a date for wedding just like a lot has booked last 8th of August in 2008.

And so, I made 10.10.10 a significant day as I joined the Fun Run for Pasig.  Manila Water (and the whole of Ayala Group) are one of the sponsors for this event sending 170+ delegates to join the run for the rehabilitation of the Pasig River. It was a big event as it hopes to make the Guiness World Records.
It was a disaster on my part.  I woke up 20 minutes before the call time at the Balara compound.  So I decided to go to SM MOA (venue) via the MRT.  I was not able to use the power of the running bib for that ride.  Participants are free in the MRT by just showing the bib.

When I arrived at Taft Avenue, a lot of people were there.. it was like flies swarming and scattered around Taft.  And traffic was way beyond compare.  It was terrible.  But luck is still with me as I got in a very crowded bus going to SM MOA.  Or so I thought.  The bus never reached MOA as the street going to the mall was closed due to the heavy influx of vehicles.  So I decided to walk following a number of participants.

I was to find the MWC booth near Seaside Avenue.  Because I can't start running when there's no bib.  But it was a hard find.  In short, I got lost.  When I decided to retrace my tracks, I saw Kiko (OPS Kasangga for the event) and Ruby so I joined them in their search of the booth.  There I learned that my bib was with Ellen and she left it at her desk... when I called her, she was still in bed and my call just woke her up.
So when I arrived at the booth and seeing my colleagues all drenched in their sweats and cameras clicking everywhere, I decided not to run anymore but stay and socialize with my co-employees.  I did more than a 3km walk anyway and the sweat has been shed so I'd rather reward myself with fun.

The run was such a disappointment... there are a lot of people and the place is really chaotic.  People no longer run but walk because it is overcrowded.

And going out of MOA was another problem...which I don't intend to discuss.

If I'll consider my wrecked Fila Shoes, I'll say this day is not so lucky afterall...

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