Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pino's Flavored Beer

After last week's food trip at Donday and seeing Pino across the street, Kat did her research on Pino and Pipino.  And the week didn't end without me convinced of going to Pino... just the lure of flavored beer had me saying yes...not even the tight schedule I would have as I am bound to go home and the thinning wallet stopped me from tasting cider... all right!!! signs of alcoholism

So we arrived at a very cozy bar at Malingap St. and was greeted by the waiter.  He warned us that Pino will be up only until 9PM since the whole place was reserved for a private party.  Good thing we arrived early so we still had more than enough time to do our version of partying.

Pino Fud

I already had dinner so I just ordered my beer and dessert. I took the tablea cheesecake and apple flavored beer. Kat got a sisig carbonar, honeymansi flavored beer and choco tempura for dessert.  After that we had another round of flavored beer, this time I got Lychee while Kat got strawberry.

The beer, it was yummy.  I'm coming back to Pino for this!!!! Kat's sisig carbonara was creamy and tasteful.  The cheesecake tablea, I can't get to taste the cheese but more of the chocolate so I didn't like it that much.  As for Kat's dessert, it was something new and a yum too!

After the beer, a hell lot of trips to the CR, and the world spinning before us, we decided to head to good ol' Jollibee for coffee. I need to subside my tipsiness to prepare for my flight to Bacolod.

Kat wants to go back for the bagnet.  Me? I'm going back for more beer!
Flavored Beer luv

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