Thursday, October 28, 2010

Donday + Agave = Bloated

For the weekend's food trip, we search our way to Maginhawa St. in Teacher's Village to find Kat's rave:  Donday Restaurant.  Serving Korean buffet and overflowing drinks, we had authentic Korean dishes for the night after a 2 week austerity.

 Kat and I trying Korean food.

What was good about Donday is their great service.  The waitress assisted and oriented us on how cook and eat the grilled meat with fresh leaves.  Like so many buffet, it doesn't allow leftovers so Kat and I were up to eating what we have put in our plates.

After Donday, we headed for desserts at Kiss the Cook Gourmet (still along Maginhawa) but the place was reserved for a birthday celebration. We decided to go to Eastwood as Kat has some things to print out.  When all was done, we raided DIY for a cheap tripod but got out with an umbrella to battle out the rainy night.  We paraded our vintage Volks Wagen and Benz and finally come to the ultimate event of the night...Oohhh... quenching my thirst for margarita!!!  Waaaaahhhhhh!!!!  I'm an alcoholic!  hehehe!!

I have been dreaming and craving for one all week and it was a must that I give in.  So we proceeded to Agave and drowned ourselves with our drink: Strawberry Margarita for me and Mango Mojita for Kat.  If not for its price, I could have ordered for more...

til my next margarita!

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