Monday, July 12, 2010


I'm quite excited for this half of the month's payday.  Because I have zeroed out my balance since the last week, I have been borrowing money from my brother to make ends meet.  And note that I only borrow the minimum that I could spend to continue on being stingy and "living only with my means"...not that I really don't have money, I actually have more that enough stashed away but I don't want to start withdrawing from my savings because if I do, I would just easily do it any time without any need.

I am excited for the next payday. As I have  bills to pay(of last month-yikes!!), need to buy new office  shoes (my shoes are breaking into pieces, I don't know how it withstood me still using it), stock cupboard with grocery and save save save.

Also, I will put my credit card into a long rest as this was a major cause of my excitement for the next pay day:  paying my credit card bills.

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