Monday, May 17, 2010

Pakistani Flag in the Sky


I saw this yesterday when I was out and about, going to get some cash from an ATM at Ever Gotesco.  I t was something amazing and peculiar. When I saw it, it reminded me of the Muslim religion for which the image is commonly seen in their mosque.

"But the image is more similar to the Pakistan Flag", pointed out by my Boss, Frank, which is very true.  And then speculations of what message does it bring to the world began.  But then, the guy is crazy beautiful so it is just imagination running free.

Last night's celestial event is a rare and one of kind treat for stargazers.  It was not actually a star but Venus, the planet known to be the morning star, aligned withe crescent moon.  This phenomenon is called Occultation, or when the moon is positioned between the Earth and Venus.

I was in awe to have witnessed such occurence.  Prior to this, the last occultation happened in June of 2007 and is expected to have a repeat performance on June 30, 2011.

Occultation picture was from while Pakistan flag is from

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