Monday, April 12, 2010

Ukay = Cheap Fashion

I have always love fashion.  Add to that the adjective cheap.

Cheap Fashion = Ukay = Love

After the celebration and doing our errands, while waiting for my brothers with their stuff, Mom and I decided to hit the Ukay right accross Plaza Mart. And ooh lala, I jump towards the dress section as I saw P165, 3 for P100, P50 signs flashing.  And one by one, I browse through the rack of cheap second hand clothes.  What's good about this Ukay store is that it doesn't feel icky and the clothes are dust-free. 

After so many options, I have settled with two:  a brown floral polo shirt with a nice cut and a purple tunic dress.  I so love!!!
                         The purple tunic dress

                     The brown long sleeved floral top

I have a lot of good finds but mostly for Grace.  Mom and I were pulling maternity stuff from the very compressed rack like crazy.  Mom wants clothes that are comfy, while I want Grace to be a cool hot momma strutting fashionable clothes even if she's pregnant.  I haven't gotten a picture of Grace and her ukay but believe me, she's a rocking mom with those clothes.

Ukay-Ukay has been a solution of fashion lurkers with a tight budget.  It is like candyland for kids.  But for some hygienic reasons, many also avoid them.  But as long as the clothes are washed right after buying it from Ukay, I will wear Ukay any time.

Ukay right across Plaza Mart
Bacolod City

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