Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pitiful Sight

Last night, I came home late due to work and piled deliverables for today.  So when I came home, there was no available pet store that could sell me Aurora's food.  His last meal was yesterday morning and since she only eats twice daily I was not worried that she'll go hungry.  I meant to buy her food after work and would be just in time for her next meal.  But unfortunately, activities as scheduled are not followed..

Seeing the hungriness in her eyes, I thought of giving Auring just anything to eat. So I raided my cluttered fridge and saw the week old biscocho and got a piece and gave it to her.  Good thing she likes it but had a hard time eating one...it took her 15 minutes to just finish a stick.  And I'm just wondering why they could handle a hard bone while a relatively soft biscocho is such a nightmare. 

Aurora had about 3 pieces last night and hopefully later, she'll get to eat her real food.  I'll surely pour two servings worth of dog food just to show her how badly I feel seeing her eating a biscocho... such a pitiful sight.

Aurora with her Dinner

Aurora having a hard time with Biscocho

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