Thursday, April 8, 2010

Permission Denied

My mind is in a scatter.  Rebelliously chaotic. 

It has been one year since I got this post.  I feel like I'm long overdue.  I know the ropes of my job. It is sometimes too routinary. This is too automatic. I have been rated and I have exceeded beyond my boss' expectations.   I am bored. I need to go and step up my game.

People have realized that I am due to go.  Just before the previous year ended, Tom had been hinting that I go in any of his departments.  Last year he was convincing me to join the new R&D team.  But talks with Frank with HR has decided I am not ready for release.  Frank is suggesting that I stay with him but also work with Environmental Planning and Sustainability in one of its projects. So I stayed and handled a new reponsibility.

Second week of January, Frank called me into his office, told me that my name came up in the presentation of Lala, Department Manager of Program Management.  I was eyed to become a Project Development Officer.  I said no bluntly... This time around, I know that I don't want to join Progman... the work is challenging and I admit, I would just sink into danger zone if I would pursue such carreer considering that I have to go to school.  Frank agreed.

After so many realignment, Safety Solutions became my suitor as they need somebody to handle their Safety Programs.  A lot of talks with Dexter and Tom has happened to convince me.  I was considering yet worried of two things: my background is so far away from Safety and it would take too many ropes to untangle before I could find myself doing the act and I would be off track with the degree I am pursuing, I would eventually putting all my graduate school to waste.  I mean Envirronmental Engineering is totally not connected with Corporate Safety.
So I decided to talk with Frank.  Not to ask his permission but to enlight me with my dilemma.  Afterall, the old man has a lot of wisdom in his sleeve.  The offer is attractive really.  It would be a promotion (I am due in June as per schedule), as the position is for an Associate Manager.  But setting the money aside, being a Corporate Safety Officer is notch up in the Corporate Ladder.  And the training will be beneficial if and if I would leave the company... I have been visiting many job sites lately and I have seen plenty of opportunities for Safety Officers.

But even before I have talked with Frank, Tom had set foot in Frank's office and asked if he could release me and be transferred to Safety... and when he got out, he told me and Dexter that Frank does not want to release me...

Argh!!! So now what?!?! I'll be stuck here forever?  I'm rotting here!

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