Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The House of a Crazy Man by the Cliff

If I have not known the man behind the house by the cliff, I would thought of him as crazy.  Who would dream about living, let alone plan a vacay, in a house with pure danger???  The House is built near the highway, besige a very steep rocky cliff.  
 House by the Cliff
House by the Cliff

Owned by the Banlasan Family, the property is a work in progress.  The wooden house is already in place, built near the highway beside a very steep rocky cliff. Landscaping of the inverted mountainous property is in baby steps.
 Future Banlasan Resortlandscapeeurope?dreams
Tito Ivan was the crazy man.  A very creative and genius man at that.  When he was searching for a property in Don Salvador Benedicto in Negros Occidental, his friends were suggesting a plain, suitable for planting fruit trees in array.  But Tito Ivan got excited when he encountered the property by the cliff.  He saw, not a cliff but, a resort.  He saw, not danger but, a grand vacation. 
Tito Ivan
Tito Ivan
Now I am as excited as my tito in his quest for a beautiful grand vacation.  

See this house by the cliff when you go to Don Salvador Benedicto.

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