Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Tonight, I went home excited knowing that I have an internet connection again.  For 2 weeks, I have been in a dilemma as to whether I would go back to wired connection and have a monthly bill of almost a thousand.  I was contemplating of getting a thumbstick internet but the rates for prepaid is more expensive knowing that I am a frequent internet visitor and I am sharing the same passion with my brother.  A postpaid for a mobile internet is out of the question too.

I live way up in the north.  And it is always a problem for coverage for companies like PLDT and or Bayantel.

I was then convinced to get an internet connection from colleagues at work, and have recommended Globe since   I was using my phone as modem for awhile.  Not that we are Ayala loyalists but then it would be a safer deal because I am sure of a good signal here at home.

So I had applied last Friday, got a call from an agent verifying details so they could forward my application to the service crew.  And early morning, I got a call from the service team inquiring if I am at my place so they could install my internet.  I am in a dilemma because I go to work 8-5pm and my brother has class the whole day as well.  Good thing my cousin is around so she accommodated the service team.

And now, as I write this, I am enjoying a very fast Globe internet connection.  Fast service, good customer service, and uber supreme internet speed.

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