Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pasig River Cruise

Ever since I was assigned to the Taguig for work, I would often see the Pasig River as we go from Taguig to Makati.  On the way to work, I would often pass by the Guadalupe Station of the ferries that cruise along the Pasig River. The Paisg River has been the main thorough fare of Manila .  It is like the EDSA during the colonial era and has played a glorious role in history. But today Pasig River has become a catch basin for all the solid and water waste of the Metro.

To relive the golden days of the Pasig River, Icile and I took the ferry at the Guadalupe and shoot the afternoon away.  The fare is relatively cheap at 45Php for Guadalupe to Escolta Station.  And surprisingly, we didn't smell any stench as we ride along the Pasig River. Not only that you avoid the traffic but you got to see Manila at a different view.

Another boat passing through
Oil Depots along the River Pasig
The Post Office
(Jaime Cardinal) Sin Village
Our Stop: Escolta Station

It is a fantastic experience to see Manila in a new perspective.

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