Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hodgepodge on the Holidays

One by one, each responsibility is coming into an end.  As the day of coming home is nearing, I am as excited to see each of my tasks finish.  

Class for my Solid Waste Management class ended last night while my old nutty professor for my Engineering Science subject got lazy and declared the whole week without class thus moving everything off scheduled.

Yesterday I was up on my toes running and getting things done because everything was chaos.  With lot of deadlines for school and work, I told a friend that I could not feel Christmas because the load seems to be heavier than ever.

But just today, I am again as eager to go home for Christmas.  Two more pending work and I would be done.  

Today is the last Man Com Meeting for Operations.  A lot of goodbyes have been said to those leaving the company at the end of the year and hellos too as some people will go on board the mini-ship of Operations Group.  Frank as always was very perky and naughty, maybe because of the season or just the fact that he's going back to his family in United Kindgom.  

As for me, I will still be having reunions with friends and colleagues before going home.  And another batch of parties at home awaits me...Looking forward to a great Christmas this year. =)

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