Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cucina Juan

After hearing good stuff aobut Cucina Juan, I urged Kat to try it out in our next Food Trip.  Since it is just near UP, we headed our way at Teachers' Village.  Without knowing where it was, we drove through Maginhawa St. and found no Cucina Juan after reaching Philcoa.  So we turned back and headed straight until we reached a full packed Cucina Juan.

Cucina Juan is a small restaurant serving Mexcian cuisine with the finest Central American flavors in every food it serves.  I guess Cocina Juan owe's this authenticity to its owner , Thomas Aviento, who has spent some time in the Midwest and tasting food straight from the stalls operated by Latin Americans.  Aside from the Mexican flavors, it is also an art gallery featuring the works of some local artist

For starters, Kat and I had an order of Quesadillas served with salsa.  Each triangle is loaded with a balance of cheese and tomato. Herbs and more tomatoes completes the perfection of this quesadilla

Quesadilla: Queso con Tomato, 115Php

Next we ordered our main course. Kat decided to have a Burrito Classico Fajitas but was shocked for a very large serving.  Full of rice, cheese, beans, corn bits, sour cream,  and of course beef, this Burrito is made for sharing.


Burrito Classico Fajitas, Php 155

As for me, I decided to eat rice for the night, after avoiding rice for a number of days. I ordered a Sofrito.  I chose Sofrito Cream Dory Con Blanco Queso which is tender and juicy Dory Fish in creamy cheese, garlic and butter sauce wrapped in a foil cooked in perfection.  Sad though, that when I got my Sofrito, it is not yet totally cooked. So amidst the hunger, we sent it back for a minute or two in their oven/grill.


Sofrito Cream Dory Con Blanco Queso, Php 205

But I don't regret waiting and was happy that I didn't change my orders.  They have replaced the whole sufrito with a new one and I was enveloped with fragrance of cheesy butter, herbs, and garlic when I opened the foil. The fish is soft, tender and juicy.  I declare this as my favorite at Cucina Juan.

When we were about to finish, a waitress came to our table and placed a dessert.  And note we didn't order one.  It was on the house because of the trouble with the Sufrito.  They gave a Sopa Borracha con Frio rema, a drunken sponge cake with raisins and icecream with a slice of lemon to be squeezed in the dessert to balance its sweetness.

Frio Crema

Sopa Borracha con Frio Crema, Php100

Cucina Juan also serves nachos, pizza, coffee and other rice meals served with either, chicken, pork and beef. Visit Cucina Juan and taste the delectable Central American flavors. This little restaurant is along Maginhawa St., in Teachers' Village, Quezon City.

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