Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Ruins of Talisay City

I am from Talisay City. But though a native of a once small town, I never got to set foot at The Ruins until I came home for the Christmas Holidays
The Ruins

The Ruins is once a mansion of the late Don Mariano Lacson, built after the death of his wife Doña Maria Braga. It is in this grand mansion that Don Mariano continued to live together with his unmarried children.

Italianate Architectureromanesque
The Skeletal framework of once a grand mansion.

Now it has become a popular tourist destinations to Negrenses and tourists because of its romantic setting combined with the strength its structures posses. The skeletal ruins of the mansion is still at stand due to the A-grade concrete of which it is made of, amidst putting the whole mansion on fire during World War II by the guerilla troops of USAFFE or the United States Armed Forces of the Far East, to prevent their Japanese enemies to make it as their headquarters
The Grand Staircase The Side Entrance
The design of the mansion is of Italianate architechture. The shell-inspired color suggests that it is owned by a ship captain. The father of Maria Braga happens to be the ship captain. During its grandiose years, Don Mariano would be seen sitting by the window in the sunroom gazing the harbor ships coming and out of Talisay shores.
the fountain
The Fountain in Front of the Entrance

It is at best to come to The Ruins just before sunset. And when sunset besets, the whole of ruins turns golden as the rays of the sun strikes it.

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