Thursday, November 12, 2009

Miss Goody Two Shoes

No bosses today… What and why in the world am I going to work? Something is really wrong with me… I am a guilt freak… and everytime I escape from work or from my commitments, my conscience is working at top notch. I would often plan out when to go away for a vacation, take a few leaves or even just go absent but just by planning, I am already at guilt. Maybe because I am not always lucky… I could not always get away with it. Or that I always believe that the system works with a carrot and stick. So while others just go skip work (or even school during my forming days), I am one of the very few who would think a thousand times before going as planned and be agonized by guilt because of irresponsiveness. I am even close to a goody two shoes. To prove all these, read through my previous post on how I forego Boracay because of class.

But really, this is the way I am brought up… My mom even knows when I do lie because as she says, I am not a good liar. Not that I prefer doing otherwise but I wish I could do away with the guilt… it stresses Miss Goody Two Shoes a lot.

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