Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cancellation Blues

I spent the afternoon at UP... now I have sore feet for walking around in heels.

I have to cancel my seminar class because it was intended for those having their thesis. Cancelling it was supposedly easy. I only have to have 3 people's signature before going to the registration's office.

But of the many things that would happen, I get the three copies of the form to be signed in disarray. The two bottom copies were similar to a thermal paper, that if disarrange, the mark will not be seen in the other paper. So after going all through the procedures, it was later realized by the personnel from the graduate office that one of the forms have no 3 signatures. So I would repeat the whole thing going back to the people for their most precious marks. I surely gave myself a hard time. And what was more embarrassing was that I have a classmate with me who has to deal with it too... tsk tsk!!! I surely was a pain today...

But we finished today...and will be working on getting our P1500 refund.

1 comment:

  1. Negros Occidental too! :) sa diin ka negros? :) Manila now? Nasa Muntinlupa me now :)


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