Tuesday, September 15, 2009

If stress can kill, I think I'm the first one to go...

School has become a stress… with Mondays always on holidays we have now schedules for make-up classes. And one subject is really tough, I don’t know if I’m going to survive. Of course I will never give up on it… I have to just give my best, stick to the plan and pray that I would make it through until the end.

And work… hmm… how would I describe it… it is I think a chaotic mess. Reports seem to have the same due dates…old projects needed for submission, and meetings have been on queque as I am an identified person representing Ops as Kasangga. Frank is also volunteering me to join anything and everything. I am not complaining as I was telling him how bored I was while he was away. Yet now, I don’t know.. I am back on my toes, juggling to get things done.

Sleep has become a deprived necessity. With school nearing the end of the semester and the year nearing December, I guess everything shouts for your attention to get things done. I again saw the dawn of the following day when I didn’t sleep just to finish off an assignment which by the way never happened. Until now, at the very moment, I feel sleepy and would later crawl into bed as soon as I finish things.

I have again gone overtime for work.. overtime without pay... I think this is one of the rarest moments in Ops (under Frank) wherein I stay 2 hours over 5pm just to get things done. I am not at all complaining.. relatively this is easy compared to Taguig... Taguig, working OT(TY) beyond 5pm is a natural thing. But that seems so long ago... overtime is not familiar to me anymore... not until today.

Tomorrow is just the 3rd day of the week and I don't know if I could still make it by the weekend, not to mention that I have a make-up class on Friday and a laboratory class on Saturday...Grr...

maybe I should stop complaining.. and start praying.. =)

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