Saturday, August 1, 2009

oh oh August

August is here and I'm excited.

First, work would be, I guess, lessened with Frank going to UK for the whole month. I would miss the old man and his quirkiness but then he also needs the vacation. So with the boss not around, I would be making my own outputs...

And there is the up and coming Cebu-Bohol trip I am planning with my friends for days..I'm afraid that it would be expensive and would shatter my savings account but then I have to see the place and even if summer's over it is not late to hit the beach... and I need this vacation. With school eating up my time, this is my first vacation after I have myself enrolled in grad school.

And mom would be here in the last days of August. She will join a seminar for 3 days here in Manila with some of her officemates. I miss ma. It has been a while since I last seen her.

August will surely be a blast... and I can't wait.

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