Sunday, August 23, 2009

Don't be Fooled by the Airport Cab

We have "deplaned" Cebu Pacific plane in NAIA at around 7:10 AM. Boy and I just had a grand vacation in Cebu and Bohol. We were thinking of taking a cab home but were cautious to avoid the expensive ones: (1) the yellow airport taxi which has a flagdown of Php70 and an additional of Php4 (for a certain km) in the meter as your travel progresses; (2) and the coupon taxi where there is a ticket with fixed amount written in it which corresponds to how far your destination. Both were off our budget so we trudged the arrival area which, according to 5 security and policemen that we have asked, is where the metered taxis are.

Since Boy and I were of different destinations we took 2 separate taxis. Upon entering my taxi, the driver, after asking my destination, already started with the smooth talk. He said that it has been raining hard in Manila and some streets are so flooded. He then told me that because of that, there would be a hard time driving through the metro. He then dropped the bomb... he will be charging me Php800. I was flabbergasted!!! In my entire 9 years in Manila I have never gone home to our QC home from the airport for Php800. I told the driver "no!" and that he better drop me off asap in a the shade (hehehe!!! it was raining!)

In just a few minutes, I got in a new cab and had myself dropped at Magallanes station where I had my MRT ride going to Quezon Ave. Then rode again a jeep to Sandigan. I would have opted to wait for other passengers to occupy the tricycle but I was running late for my laboratory class. I would have just paid Php 8 than pay Php 40 for occupying the whole vehicle. In total I spent only Php123 to get home. I don't need to get home with Php 800 and surely I would not allow myself to get fooled by some taxi driver!!! I just wish I got the plate number of the cab so that I report it to the LTO.

Is there such thing as deplaned? A Cebu PAcific crew used the term and by context clues, it meant going down the plane. The word had me and Boy think if there is such a word.

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