Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bring my Respects, President Cory Aquino

Tomorrow is declared a non-working holiday. Nice. More time in bed. Don't get me misunderstood. I entirely salute and acknowledge the woman behind the holiday. Not the person declaring the holiday though.

Tomorrow is the burial of the late President Corazon Aquino. Cory died in the early morning of August 1 of cardiac arrest after suffering from colon cancer. Since her death, a lot of the Filipinos came to the wake, to take a last look, to pay their respect.

I have always believed that Cory Aquino was the passive leader. I can't remember how great her term was as a president. I was very young then. I could just remember the catastrophe in her years of service. There was the Earthquake in Baguio and the Mt. Pinatubo earthquake. The rest, never sank with me because I never got to witness them.
the wake
But the people who have witnessed her term, speaks of her highly. The prayers offered during her fight with cancer were numerous. Peoples of different backgrounds have gone to the streets to see her remains transferred from Greenhills to Manila Cathedral. People have endured rain, stroking heat and long queues to see her for the last time. Yellow ribbon have been attached to buildings, trees, and cars. Confetti has been everywhere. Sympathies are overflowing.

Corazon Aquino was the first woman president of the Philippines and of Asia. From a housewife and widow, her world turned 360 when she responded to the cries of her people to run for presidency and deliver all of them from Marcos' Martial Law. Cory Aquino brought back democracy to the country.

But the greatness of the woman was not right after the fall of the dictator. The greatness of Corazon Aquino started way before when she has acknowledged God as her Father. She lead the country with greath faith in God and great faith in the Filipino people. The late president believed so much on the Philippines.

Tomorrow, a great woman will come to her final rest. Tomorrow we celebrate her life. Tomorrow a woman comes home to her Father and to her one great love, Ninoy. May her soul rest in peace, smiling.
cory aquino

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