Sunday, July 19, 2009


poster Kat and I met up with Tina to watch Fantasticks last Friday. Amidst the pouring rain and the freezing cold, we travelled the wet C5 to get to Greenbelt 1. If the tickets were not bought, I would catch the play on another day.

Fantasticks is the ployed Romeo and Juliet. Ployed because the fathers of Matt and Luisa, Hucklebee and Bellamy respectively, planned to be enemies in order to spark romance between their children. They have employed El Gallo and staged the kidnap of Luisa, which, in their plan will trigger Matt to rescue the victim. And the parents will make up because of the heroic deed of Matt.

But soon after the mock abduction, the children found out that it was all planned out. Matt felt like they were puppets and so he thought of leaving to prove to his father that he was at all not his toy. Luisa meanwhile was dumbstruck at awed with El Gallo, who later entrapped Luisa to hand in her most valuable piece: her mother’s necklace.

When innocence is lost, wisdom and experience are gained. That is how Fantasticks ended. The world is one of the best but the hardest teachers and it has taught greatly Matt and Luisa as they seek out and discover themselves in the real world.

The second act of the play is such a bore.

Reg: “I got bored.”

Tina: “I am sleepy.”

Kat: “I slept.”

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