Friday, June 19, 2009

A week of tardiness

I have been getting lazy... with waking up, with going out of bed, with getting ready for work, with going to work.... I just seem to have that hang over with my short vacation at home where I have all the morning to sleep and just wake up when I feel like it or when I get hungry.

But I'm back to reality... I need to wake up early and leave the house before 7am to be working at 8. It is not that work is not enjoyable is actually and I am still up to going to work... but getting ready for it, and the pouring rain, and my soaking feet, and having a hard time with getting a ride, and the traffic... it makes me not want to go... just thinking about everything makes all the urge to spend the whole day in bed.

And so instead of leaving the house before 7, it is only at that time that I leave my bed thinking that if I won't, I would lose that hope of getting to work on time or at least just a little bit of being late.

Dreadful... and it has been all that laziness everyday of the entire week. =p

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