Saturday, May 16, 2009

UPdate of my Bumming Week

I have been home alone since last week when my brother, Mel, went home to the province to spend the rest of his summer vacay with the rest of the family and of course the gf. It is quite peaceful at the house...and monotonous too. But I'm ok really... sometimes, I would like to experience some peace and quiet after a busy day at work.

Ji is here for the week. She's processing her papers for the US... good thing, she'll be able to go with us in climbing the Pinatubo.

Pao has celebrated his 29th birthday last May 12. We (Bertday boi, Icile, Ji, Rommar and I) had dinner at Mang Jimmy's... it was a quick walk from the office so I stayed for awhile browsing stuff in the internet while I wait for them to go there from Kalayaan Dorm where they had isaw.

Mang Jimmy's doesn't have an rice-all-you-can-eat just like years ago, during my college days... And we ordered five viands and only got 1 other viand free... Owel, I guess things change.

Rommar has a car now and Icile finally bought herself a DSLR. All through out dinner we had fun over eating and getting ourselves photographed... we then loaded Rommar's car and proceeded to the Technohub. Rommar went home right after he dropped us off.

We ate dessert at Razon's, yummy halo-halo, courtesy of Pao. And then we took turns handling the DSLR and shoot the night away.

Bertday boius girlswith bertday boi

I, together with some of my batchmates at the main office and Balara BA went to visit Emil yesterday. Emil is our batchmate who is assigned in Pasig BA. Both of Emil's kidney has deteriorated and he is now undergoing dialysis and he is looking for a kidney donor so that he could have a kidney transplant.

Minutes before he will be going for dialysis, we were able to see him. Still that happy smile amidst the problems he is facing. He has lost a bit of weight though. =(

Hope Emil will get through this.

I already watched Angels and Demons. Nice movie!!! Hehehe!!!

I love it. Maybe because I have no means to compare it with. I haven't read the books, nor have I watched The Da Vinci Code. So that movie is my first Dan Brown experience and it was nice.

=) that's it for now.

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