Thursday, May 21, 2009

I may doubt myself, but I don't doubt my God

Almost six months ago my application for Masters Degree in UP got rejected. I was so devastated, I had 2 days of depression. After 2 days, my why's have been answered. News of the new assignment, TP 6, was given to me. And it made me think, that if I was given the chance to go back to school and the new assignment, I don't know how I would manage. Plus the fact that I would be traveling to UP after work all the way from Taguig.

But the fact that my first application got rejected, it scarred me. Since I handed my application, I kept on praying and asked favors from family and friends to help me pray. I have doubted my capabilities, my confidence is so low, and I worry that I can't go back to UP, to be rejected twice. That doubt in self, turned to faith to my God. All the more that I called on to Him, to do miracles for me, to make things happen for me. And He did.

Now, during the applications, and the future with work, I see a much clearer picture. I am now assigned at the main office which is just at the back of UP. I would just walk from the office to school. And what I will study is now in line with work at Operations. =) He really has set out his plans for me. And I am forever at awe of His ways.

So yes, I am back and ready for school. I got my acceptance email today and I was too excited, I rushed to Frank's office and told him the news... he was happy that I did get in he even announced it to my seatmates at the office. The excitement also caused me a 6-8Php call to Mama, one of my greatest prayer warriors.

Now, I just have to finish my visit to UP Health Servie, aka Infirmary, and get myself totally admitted... to school!

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