Sunday, May 17, 2009

Beauty is a Sacrifice

Beauty is a Sacrifice.

It surely is for Mt. Pinatubo. To see a grandeous gift of nature, you have to endure a sure lot of an ordeal.

It is unbelievable to see how a very serene and beautiful place has caused havoc and peril to many lives in 1991. It was so violent and disastrous, like it was awakened from a deep slumber, terribly angry. Remains of that disaster is still visible around and going to Mt. Pinatubo. Hopefully, the great volcano will remain at sleep and the 1991 eruption will be its last.

It was a tiring but fun to conquer Pinatubo. But that experience will be the first and hopefully the last as I have no plans of doing it all over again. =P

Jump for the grand Pinatubo
A Jump for the Grandeous Pinatubo

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