Saturday, April 4, 2009

Yesterday and Today

I was in Manila and had a long day at Manila Water.

We had visitors from World Bank and IFC and they want to see how we treat wastewater so together with people from Finance, we organized a tour at the South Septage in FTI. After the cadetship training, that was the only time that I came back for a tour. And it was grand since it was Frank doing the explaining.

Going to Taguig was next in the itenerary so that the visitors could check out our "Tubig for the Poor" Projects. But Frank doesn't want to go so we excused ourselves from the group and we went to the sewage treatment plant in Magallanes. It was a fun learning experience... and I got to see the new technologies we have at Magallanes: the waste to energy project where we get methane gas from waste and burn them to provide electricity to the plant. =) nice huh?

And then we proceded to Intercontinental Hotel where lunch would be served for them. I thought all the while that Mike and Kid (people from Finance) will just be dropping the visitors and we'll procede back to the main office and leave all the directors to convince the delegates from IFC and WB that they grant us a loan. But Mike and Kid are in charge of everything and as a rule they can't leave the place till its over. So I hang out with them and they chose to sit near the directors and visitor's table in Prince Albert and ordered. It was my first time to see a menu with all food priced 500php up. They said everything was covered, just order. And I did... and Mike was calculating in his seat and almost dropped his ballpen when the group at the other side stood up for a buffet. Buffet costs 1750 each! So all through out our lunch Kid and Mike were calculating the money they have brought.

And then Frank stood up shook hands with the rest in their table and then approached our table asking if I want to join him coming back to the main office, which I of course took because I don't want to be in agony watching the two with wether they have enough money... Hehehe!!! Eat and run!

The rest of the afternoon I just went to IT to get my new sim card. I have a new work num now. I lost my phone during the preparations of the Farewell presentations for ATA. We were going down the taxi when I think, my phone slipped. I called and left a message on my phone. And the cab driver actually replied. Told me that he is now far and will return my phone in the afternoon and I have to pay for whatever is registered in his meter (as fare). I agreed to it but he never showed up. So now my new number is 09154228140 and I need to buy a new phone as the company would no longer buy us one.

I finished work early so as not to be late with meeting up with Pao. Just don't want get commented on.. hehehe! Peace pao! We agreed to meet up at Megamall for a free chocolate glazed donuts and their original coffee. Yummy and the best thing, it is free!

I am home for the holy week. Almost didn't arrived on time at the airport amidst leaving the house very early... I just don't want to spend much on a cab from the house in q.c to the airport. And so I got my documents ok and my boarding pass as well. The plane arrived on time and I told myself that this is one of the very few plane rides that is actually on time. And we left 5 minutes early than our schedule of 5:15PM. And I slept the whole flight and was awakened by the comotion. A crew was announcing over a megaphone which I wasn't able to hear to they repeated upfront for the other passengers to hear. They said we have to go back to Manila and they have technical problems in the aircraft. God! That was 15 minutes till we land in Bacolod!

And when we landed in Manila, some technical team repaired the communication system between the crew and the pilot and that's it. But what kept us long in Manila is that other passengers wants to go down which the crew permitted.... but of course it would take time to find their luggage at the plane's compartment. We finally took off 8:15 and I arrived at Silay airport hungry and tired at almost 9:30 PM. And when I got out, my fetch was not there yet. Ma and manong went out to get food as well.. so I waited for awhile for them to get me.

Now I'm looking forward to this vacation... hope to have a blast... and I need to get a tan line to compete with Frank's. Hehehe!

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