Thursday, April 23, 2009

Exhausted with Earth Day

Yesterday, I have been out all day. Came in before 8 to go with the Sustainability Department who will go to SM Mall of Asia by 8 AM. Frank is a guest for the Global Handwashing, an Earth Day celebration a NGO. It was such a small event but big names in protecting the environment took part in the celebration. Bebet Gozun who was the former Seceretary of the DENR was there, together with Teresita Choa, president of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines, a vice-president of Unilever. Some are ambassadors to nations of Germany and Finland was there and Ambassadors to the Philippines from Dutch. The governor of Isabela, Grace Padaca was also in attendance.

It was a fun event as one by one speakers, including Frank, was called to talk on handwashing and importance of it.

PhotobucketFrank Beaumont on HandwashingGrace Padaca

Then Frank thought of going back to Balara to do some work. But we are to come back to Makati for the Asia Society Forum on Water Management. When we came out of MOA, it was pouring hard. Streets are getting flooded and traffic is getting worse such that it would be impossible to get us to Balara and go back again in Makati by 3pm.

So FB suggested that we go to his place in Makati and edit the presentation.

His place is in one of the 4 apartments in 15th floor of 1 Roxas Triangle Place in Makati. It was so nice!!! Very homey!!! It was only Manang Belen, their MWF housekeeper who was at the house as Ma'am Ester her wife is out.

Although it was lunch time, Frank only wants coffee. Yikes... and he offered me the same and not the usual Filipino lunch of rice!!! So I declined. Good thing I grabbed some served refreshments of bread and iced tea during the Global Handwashing. And so he served me with Ma'am Ester's coconut tarts... very good tasting!!! Really!!!

So we edited his presentation, and I got a grand tour of his house... since we were just waiting for 2:00PM.

By two, we went to Asian Institute of Management for the event. AIM is also in Makati but we had a hard time finding it... got lost 2x due to Frank's senior moment...hehehehe!!! It was still raining but we arrived at the venue by 2:30PM.

Joemar joined us to hear the talk...Before the start of the forum, FB talked to Joemar regarding his new position... he is now the Department Manager of Water Supply!! I have manage to keep that in secret... and phew! now it is out, at least that's one secret less to keep!

Frank was to talk at the forum in replace of Sir Perry Rivera. And he was only told around 10 AM during the handwashing!! But that's part of their work... so he agreed to do it. =)
asia societyreact

That I admired of Frank... because if I were in his place, I might say no....

After the forum, I went with Joemar to Balara... again traffic was terrible... it took us an hour and thirty to get back to the office... yikes!!!! More than 12 hours of work!!!

Now I'm pooped!

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