Monday, March 9, 2009

My Summer Has Started

The sun is finally up and shining. It's heat is really hard on the skin. But that is just a good sign that summer has finally started.

La Mesa Dam and Ecopark with Tita Nory and Mel
My summer started a month ago when Tita Nory went to Manila and stayed with us. We brought her to UP because his son is interested of going to school in College of Music. Finally I was able to have my pictures with Oble in a tourista way. Hehehe!!! Though we were in civilian clothes during our undergrad years, I never attempted to have my pictures taken. I was afraid of the curse of not graduating from UP.

We took off to La Mesa Dam and Eco Park and once again had a nature-filled experience. It wasn't my first to hit the eco-park but it was for Tita Nory and Mel.

Afterwhich, we went to SM Fairview to watch Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

16th SFC ICON in Cebu
It is my first major event attended as a SFC member. It was a 3-day event of praises, thanks-giving, and worship for the great God Almighty. I was at awed to hear empowering stories of journey with the Lord as a member of the commuity.
It was an opportunity to discover Cebu with newly found friends. =)
with magellanHHala bira

I surely had a lot of fun with the Lord and my friends. See you guys in Davao!

The Tribaco's Hits Baguio

The following weekend, my cousins from the province, Nang Bambi and Cyhna went to Manila. Mel and I plus Cyhrone met up at the Victory Liner. By 8PM of Feb 27, 2009, we (except Cyhrone) loaded the bus to Baguio.

It was the weekend of Flower Float Parade for the Penagbenga we trudged the streets of Session Road and found ourselves in the crowd with the rest of the Penagbenga viewers and participants...

But we weren't for Penagbenga alone.... the four of us were all geared to discover most if not everthing of Baguio.

Botanical Garden

Strawberry Farm, Benguet

Reaching Great Heights in Tagaytay.
Mama was here for a business trip for three days. So the weekend she arrived we went to Tagaytay to buy mushrooms spawn. We weren't successful though but we brought home great pictures and memories.

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