Friday, March 6, 2009

Gearing Towards a Chem Engg Career

Once again, I'm writing less and less... Work calls so much demand...I'm struggling out of Taguig and struggling in at Ops. Yep you read it right. It's Ops... I'm so in!!!

Lost??? Yeah.. I haven't been updating at all... I intended to keep all this afraid that someday I would not be writing good news... But since it is official I'm writing the story in this episode of my life and my carreer.

Last January, one Friday afternoon, I received a text message from Ms. Camela (of HR), saying that she needs to talk to me on Monday. That gave me shivers... because what came in mind was the Cubao trade. Cubao has been requesting Taguig for a trade in Territory Manager. So instead of sending a reply right away, I waited for the weekend, went home to the province and was given some pieces of advice by my parents. If it is really Cubao, I would have come home saying yes to the trade.

But I went to the main office and brought home the news that I was short-listed for an interview with Frank for the TA position. Mai, his previous TA is moving on for wastewater department leaving the position vacant. We were given a day to think over the proposition and we were told to text Ms. Sharon of our intention. We were requested to keep the news to ourselves since there are four of us selected for interview but there is only one position to be filled. They don't the BA's to go overboard and worry on the movement.

The interview with Frank was scheduled Wednesday. I texted Sharon Tuesday, just to not get overexcited of the opportunity. But while she presented the position, I was sure to myself that this opportunity is a gold mine as it would open doors of other opportunities for me.

So I set foot the doors of Frank for my interview, Wednesday, and gave out my best shot. And that was it...

After more than a month, news came that I got the position. The Taguig BA was in total chaos. Both Ma'am Ron and Sir Mar were negative about it. And they were talking me out of it... But then, I was praying doubly hard as before that I could push through with the transfer. Not until two fridays ago when the official announcement was made and the Taguig has to let go of me.

Monday, there was a meeting to deliberate on who would take over the area. It was a long meeting... yet, finally, they acted on my transfer.

So for the whole week I have been reporting every other day to Taguig and Ops to know the ropes of my new department and turn-over things to Chris, the one who will take my responsibilities in Taguig. The thing that is hell is the change in focus everyday. Ops is entirely different from the BA and that sucks... it is as if I'm wandering with no direction... and I need to brush up on my Chem Engg stuff. It has been awhile since I get to encounter terms and process that was hard core Chem Engg.

I'm quite happy and afraid. Happy that finally God has answered my prayers. Happy that finally this is the Chem Engg work that I have been craving for. But at the same time, my low-confidence kicks in terribly strong. I have been doubting myself once again if I am really fit for the job. Yet as I am feeling all this, I am challenged to do the job to the best that I could give. I am up to the challenge of meeitng their standards. After all this is only for a year as I would be embarking for another venture a year from now... in Manila Water or out, only time could tell.

Thanks again Lord!

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