Saturday, February 7, 2009

Upgrades and Joseph the Dreamer

Next to getting freebies, I think upgrades and discounts are one of the best things one could offer hungry consumers.  I for one, got upgrades for my drama experience last weekend.

Kat and I watched Joseph the Dreamer at SM Cinema 4 last Friday (January 30).  And while waiting for the play, Kat approached the table where the tickets were sold to chat with her friends from church (who are also the organier of the event).  And one of her friends exchanged our tickets with another set of tickets.  Then Kat bought her food and we queued our way inside.  And we found ourselves at the near-front part of the theater.  Originally, our seats were at Row M but we were upgraded to Row F!!!  Thanks to Kat's friend!

PhotobucketJoseph the Dreamer stars Franco Laurel as Joseph.  A biblical story of Joseph, 11th son of Jacob and his favorite, Joseph the Dreamer warmed my heart with this very strong paternal story..  IT is obviously a paternal story... ties between God as a father and his sons Jacob, Joseph and the rest of his brothers, and the paternal relationship of Jacob and Joseph and the rest of his sons.

Joseph is so favored by his father so he was given a cloak of rainbow colors, which started the sibling rivalry and rage amongst them.  Add to that the boasting Joseph did telling his brothers of his dream that they will bow to them (together with the moon, the stars and the planets).  And so the older brothers plotted Joseph's downfall.  They sold him as a slave to a traveling merchant and his cloak, they wet with blood of a sheep to make their father believe that he was dead, devoured by some animal.

Joseph was sold to Potipar, the Pharaoh of Egypt.  He was made into his right hand he showed some leadership but the arrival of Potipar's wife, was Joseph' demise as well.  Potipar's wife was in love with Joseph but to no avail, she punished Joseph by claiming that they have an affair.  So Joseph was sent to prison.  There he taught prisoners and even the jail guards to pray.  At that time too, he was known to be interpreting dreams.  His fame brought him a baker and a chef, who wants their dreams interpreted.  He interpreted the chef's dream that the chef will be rewarded while he interpreted the baker's dream that the baker will die in a few days.  All of which came true.

He asked a favor from the chef, that if the Pharaoh will reward him, he will mention him to the Pharaoh.  Two years have pass and there is not a single word from the Pharaoh let alone the chef.  Along with that is the agony of bearing the bad news for the baker, as well as the longingness for his father, Joseph felt that God has forgotten him.  If not for a lady sweeper who cleans the jail who reminded him of God's goodness and how He, through Joseph, transformed them to be believers once more, Joseph felt that God has abandoned him.

At that time, the new Pharaoh had dreams... bothering dreams that he called on magician and prophets to interpret them.  The first dream was that there are 7 fat and healthy cows graing then came 7 sickly and thin cows came and ate the 7 fat healthy cows.  And amidst feasting on the healthy ones, the sickly remained sickly and thin.  Then the second dream was that there are 7 fat and healthy corn cobs, then came 7 sick-looking corn cobs who devoured the healthy ones yet remained sick-looking.  All the magicians and prophets attempted to give meaning on the dreams but to no avail.  The chef, who suddenly remembered Joseph, told the Pharaoh about it.  So Joseph was called and interpretted the dreams.  7 years of Plenty will come and will be followed by 7 years of Famine, Joseph said.

Afraid, the Pharaoh seek the help of Joseph of what to do. He made him one of his governor and Joseph facilitated the preparation of the succeeding years.  After marrying the Pharaoh's daughter, Joseph was thrown to the Pharoah seat.

As the famine break in, his family heard that Egypt has supply.  So all of Joseph's brothers except for Joshua, the youngest, grabbed their sacks and traveled.  It was hard for Joseph to face his brothers, the ones that has harmed him.  But the brothers did not recognie him.  He interviewed them and pretended to learn about their father and their brother.  He told them that one of them has to stay until they bring him Joshua.

So the other brothers returned home and told their father of the Pharoah's request.  So they came back to Egypt with Joshua and Jacob and at that time, Joseph has in his heart forgiveness.  And his hunger to see his father was sufficed.  As he returned to his Jewish clothes and with the cloak of many colors given by his father, his family have known that it was Joseph.  The play ended with a great reunion and praises for the Almighty.

Franco was splendid!!!!  And the face, hays!  Those boyish looks makes you swoon over him.  And I love the facial expressions and he let go of a few tears during the touchy scenes.  Plus the prowess of his singing voice, it was magnificent.  I also commend the actors who played Jacob and Rachel (who also played the jail sweeper) because of their acting skills and singing voice.  Sobra sa galing!!!!

Joseph the Dreamer did not fail to give his audience the message: that God has a plan for each of us, that our dreams and ambitions are not hard to reach as long as we are working and praying for it, forgiveness is not eay but in time it will come.  I also love how they showed Joseph and Jacobs relationship, you will wish you have the same with your father.

Verdict:  4 1/2   Four goes to the play, the half is for the upgrade.

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