Saturday, February 7, 2009

I almost forgot about Academy Days

I had a chat with a classmate who have a line saying "kolasa 2k, alumni lunch later! c ya!" as her status at YM. Just thought of extending my hi and hello to my batchmates who are coming to the get together. And she told me that they're going to the Academy Days!

Admittedly, I forgot about it... totally... I mean, it never occurred to me anymore. Maybe because after graduation in highschool, I never got to experience Academy Days anymore...Academy days happens in February in time for the Feast of St. Scholastica, the patron saint of the school. Back then, Academy Days is a most awaited event as there are less classes because of practices for the Field Demonstration. And at the Saturday of that week, it is a free gate day as anyone could enter the school grounds. On that day too, there are booths set up by each sections in Highschool. Booths of all sorts ranging from love booths, marriage booths, jail, horror room.. etc. etc. In my gradeschool years, a ferriswheel was set up at the parking area for the gutsy type... In the afternoon, everyone was in their costumes for a the much awaited, Field Demonstration. It was one event most Bacolodnons awaits.

And everything of that part of my Kolasa life, never occured to me not until I was reminded by a batchmate... Along with her reminder is the fact that next year would be our tenth reunion in highschool. Time has gone so fast! I'm looking forward to going home...

P.S. Last night, I dropped by a stall selling t-shirts. I saw one saying, "I am a Scholastican" with all the St. Scho uniform and all. I want to buy that shirt if given the funds.. (Paramdam na ba yun?)

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