Monday, December 29, 2008

Of Wings and Small Things

To continue off my adventure in my home province, we decided to check out the new rave in Cadiz City, Balay Alibangbang, or Butterfly House. My cousin hse been telling me about Balay Alibangbang even before I was still in Manila. So out of curiousity or not having anything to do, my family loaded the car and head up north to Cadiz

Our first stop going there was Balaring at Silay City. It has been a usual stop for lunch when we head up north.  It was an iodine loaded feast as fresh oysters and assorted fish are brought in to our table.

It was quite a tough ride going to Balay Alibangbang as some parts of the roads going to the northern part of Negros Occidental is still under construction.  Yet, the nice scenery of vast sugarcane fields enveloping you at both sides would be your consolation.

We were quite lucky that it was only us who were the visitors of Balay Alibangbang.  So the caretaker really gave us his full time and attention touring us around.  He even shooed us in the video room where we had an overview of the life cycle of the butterflies.

balay alibangbang


But Balay Alibangbang is not just about butterflies. There was also a Museum of Miniatures by Aleli Vengua. There are only 10 of the miniatures and according to the caretaker, the other miniatures are at Marikina which I have to go and see.

Museum of Miniatures


music room


If there is something Balay Alibangbang could offer, it is tranquility.  If you would want to think and have some quite time alone or just an escape from the city life, this is the best place for it.

with the Pink Ladies


Merry Christmas!

Getting there: Take a Ceres bus from Bacolod to Cadiz. There are usually 2-hour one-stop buses going to Cadiz which costs about Php 64.To the Balay Alibangbang, a tricycle ride is ideal and entrance fee costs P30/head.

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