Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm Adding 1 Again

And so I should have asked for a good weather on my birthday... but I didn't and now big clouds and non-stop rains greeted me this morning when I woke up. It seems like a storm came to visit me on my special day.

I could vividly remember when I was small and on the same date a long time ago, a storm hit Negros that we have to cancel my birthday party. Electricity was out that night too. The only visitors who came amidst the typhoon were my 2 set of god parents who lives just a few blocks away from us. I can't recall disappointment though... =)

Now there's no birthday party to be cancelled. But I planned to go out on a date with myself to have a good escape at Mambucal. So much for a well thought and well planned activity, I have to forgo due to the not-so good weather.

Now I'm stuck at the house with family members who seem to forgot it was my day. Well the day hasn't gone by yet, they have all the time to make up for it.. wahaha!!! But really it is ok... I seem to make a no big a deal everytime I add 1 to my age.

Basta happy lang... =)

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