Thursday, September 11, 2008

UP reigns sUPreme

A two-peat for the UP Pep Squad. I have not seen the live performance of this.. not even in TV... there were plans among cadets at the office but I guess we forgot all about it because we were so thrilled of our Boss Bob's birthday party... but amidst that, I'm at awe at how they performed... good thing there is

Congratulations to the benchmark of cheerdancing: UP PEP SQUAD

The stunts, pyramids and the lifts are not clean but I guess the creativity and uniqueness of UP's performance sets it from the rest. Every year there is always something or even a lot of new things infused int their routine... Even with just the costumes and hairstyles (Notice the mohawk hairstyle of the guys in the squad and the uniform short hair of the girls), they go beyond the norm...
Iba ang may WOW effect.

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