Sunday, March 16, 2008

Romance in D

Call me theater addict. Call me a play-fanactic. I just don't care. I just love watching plays.

And so once again, I and a good friend, Tina, trudged Greenbelt 1 where the play Romance in D is held.

romance in D

Romance in D is a romantic comedy encircling 4 people. It started with Isabel Fox's (played by Ana Abad Santos-Bitong) suicidal attempt and was saved by Charles Norton (played by Audie Gemora), who lives at the next door apartment. Isabel, a writer and a poet, after her husband left her for a 20+ year old was left depressed and suicidal. Charles Norton, a musicologist, who tries to live a recluse life after the past unsuccessful relationships he had. While Isabel is overcoming depression and Charles continues as a recluse, they were watched over by their parents. Isabel is always visited by her charming dad, George Fox (played by Chinggoy Alonso) while Charlie is always visited and cooked by her mom, Helen Norton (played by Pinky Marquez) and after hearing about the suicidal attempt both parent pushed their son/daughter to connect with the other.

But fate was good to them, as well as their parents. As each day Isabel goes to Charlie's place sharing dinner, good music and poetry, romance blossomed. And while the parents do their duties checking how their kids are doing, they too were connected and romance I guess is not yet over for the two oldies.

Love again has its way of hitting people. That is how I got it from the play. And regardless of age, it just knocks at your door... And sometimes risks just has to be made to experience it. And some laughter too!!! :)

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