Saturday, December 3, 2005


I watched Prime with Sis Ellainne last Sunday. Having been free from school and work, I spent the day oversleeping, lying around in my bed while reading “The Divine Secrets of Yaya Sisterhood” and finally watching Prime.

The movie was about Rafi (Uma Thurman), a 37-year old divorcee with a successful career who met and built a sexual relationship with 23-year old David, a Jewish painter (Bryan Greenberg) who lives with his grandparents in Brooklyn. Having been over with the divorce, and coming to another relationship, Rafi goes over her sessions with her therapist, Liza Metzger (Meryl Streep).
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1. Beautiful! Umma Thurman. 2. Hot! Bryan Greenberg. 3. Legendary! Meryl Steep!

"This sounds really good," Lisa tells Rafi as a response to her patient's enthusiasm when she went over the details of the in-and-out-of-the-sack relationship. However, Lisa’s reaction was entirely opposite when his son announces that he is seeing a non-Jew, although she is not against it, but she is worried that his son would turn his back on his heritage and religion by marrying one.

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So I guess, I would be a spoiler. Yuff!!! Rafi's David and Lisa's son are one and the same. When Lisa puts one and two together and figured it out she was in a trance on whether to quit seeing Rafi in their sessions but decided otherwise. She attempted to be professional and continue to treat Rafi in their next session and what a comedy scene it was, especially when Rafi tells every intimate details of her lovemaking with David including describing the guy’s penis which left Lisa to squirm in her lovely couch.
When Lisa can’t deal with the pressures of work and being a mother, she finally admitted to Rafi that David is his son and she stopped being her therapist. Later, they were united over a Jewish dinner when David finally decided to bring home Rafi and go through fire with her. No disastrous thing happened over dinner. Rafi even helped out with packing the food and told her she misses her.

Disaster came when David moved in in Rafi’s place until David lied about his friend coming over. They split up and David, depressed got involved with a model, whom Rafi is working with. Later, David realized how Rafi had an important role with his success as a painter and he had the courage of going to Rafi and convincing her to get back with him. And so they did until another break-up happened when Rafi found out about David’s one night stand with the model. In the end, they have realized that the love they shared is not enough to sustain the relationship and became friends.

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