Monday, February 7, 2005



My roommate and I watched Komedi today. The play is composed of 3 plays and was directed by Tony Mabesa. The three plays are all written by Nicolas Pichay. It was the last day today and so it was really jam packed. Some of the theater people who I saw perform in previous plays of DUP were there.

"Ang Maikling Kasaysayan ng Punerarya sa Pilipinas". A monologue of an alien beauty queen who comes to earth in search of an alternative energy source for planet Zega.


This is the first play. The character is Martial Aloysius which is an alien beauty queen and is played by Ricci Chan. He has been part of some of the plays in DUP. "Ang Maikling Kasaysayan ng PUnerarya sa Pilipinas" started when the alien's space ship crashed in the Philippines. He is in search of fuel to be used as energy for their planet. The alien met an old man/woman (i'm really not sure) who is the very first alien beauty queen and led him to the cemetery and later to a funeral parlor. There he found out that the soul of the people in the funeral are the fuel for Planet Zega. He decided to kill all the earthlings but later felt human emotions and then decided not to."Pangulo Naming Mahal". Outrageous comedy of a man and his wife bent on making it big in the corrupt world of the incumbent president.

Ricci Chan was very effective as an actor. He really made us laugh even though he is just alone there in the stage. He delivers his lines very well that's why you really could understand the monologue.


The second play is done by Eugene Domingo who played as Mare and Richard De Guzman who played Pare. Mare and Pare are married and are somewhat financially low. Pare thinks of the racket his wife will do. He suggested that his wife will become the mistress of the President so that they could have all the worldly things they wish for. It was funny because they somewhat describe the incumbent President Joseph Estrada. The play is somehow green with words but it was subtle. They were into their plans when Pare received a call from the President saying that he is no longer the President."Psychedelia Apocalypsis". A theatrical piece that focus on a motley crew consisting of Hollywood wannabes, armed liberation forces, & a veteran of major wars in the Philippines - high on weed and rock & roll, party & collide in the heart of darkness of Francis Ford Copolla's "Apocalypse Now".

Eugene Domingo was a very effective comedienne. She is as funny as her performance in the sitcom “Tanging Ina”. Richard De Guzman was also very effective. I have seen him perform in the play “Iceman Cometh”.


The third play was also funny but somehow in the middle part it became a drag. But the actors are all effective.

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